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Understanding the true value of your business is a critical yet complex undertaking. It requires a blend of financial expertise, industry knowledge, and meticulous analysis, all wrapped in a transparent and trustworthy approach.

At Advising Global

We boast a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are not only passionate about valuation but also hold prestigious credentials in the field, each meticulously equipped to navigate the nuances of your unique business situation.

our expertise extends beyond our own walls

We maintain a global network of valuation experts, each with deep industry and regional specializations. This extensive network allows us to leverage the collective knowledge of the leading valuation minds, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and customized evaluation regardless of your industry or location.

We understand that every business is unique

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored, insightful, and reliable valuations that empower you to make informed decisions about your future. Whether you’re contemplating a sale, merger, funding opportunity, or strategic planning exercise, our unmatched expertise and global reach ensure you have the confidence you deserve when navigating the world of business valuation.

  • Know your true worth, negotiate with power, future-proof your business.

  • Make informed decisions with reliable data that strengthens your position in negotiations.

  • Mitigate risk and ensure fair value by leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge and rigorous methodologies

  • Free consultation, data gathering, comprehensive analysis, detailed report, open communication.

  • We leverage advanced tools to streamline the process and ensure accuracy.

  • Customized timelines, transparent fees, secure data management.


  • Deep understanding of diverse industries, stay updated on trends and methodologies.

  • Tailored recommendations, direct access to experienced professionals.

  • Post-valuation support, network connections for complementary expertise.

How it works?

Every valuation is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients, ensuring relevant and actionable insights

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Data Gathering and Analysis

We work with you to gather key financial and operational data about your business. Our experts analyze the data to understand your financial health, performance, and potential. You remain informed and involved through the entire process.

Valuation Report and Recommendations

We use valuation standards and evaluate multiple methods to arrive at an accurate and well-rounded valuation of your business. You receive a report explaining the methods used and the value conclusion. Our experts guide you through the next steps based on the valuation outcome and your goals.

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what Our Clients Say

Hear from the businesses and leaders who’ve experienced firsthand the transformative impact of partnering with Advising. Their stories are a testament to the dedication, insight, and results we bring to every project.

Alina, our new Fractional CFO, has significantly boosted our small business with her financial guidance. Her expertise in forecasting and finding cost savings has clarified our financial health and fueled growth. She communicates complex ideas simply, aligning our team with financial goals. Alina’s impact has improved our finances and positioned us for future success.

Carla Sanchez Silva – CEO Proyecto Colectivo

Her ability to simplify complex financial strategies into actionable plans has significantly impacted the businesses she’s worked with, including mine. Alina’s strategic foresight, ethical approach, and leadership have not only driven growth but also fostered resilience and integrity within organizations. Her contributions extend beyond finance, embodying visionary leadership that any company would value highly.

Omar Picart – President & CEO Numera

Advising revolutionized our approach to financial strategy, propelling us onto a trajectory of success far beyond our wildest dreams. Their profound expertise in fractional CFO services has been nothing short of transformative for our business, marking a pivotal shift in our journey towards unprecedented growth and prosperity. The strategic insights have unlocked new opportunities that we had never before considered possible.

Efraín Reverón – CEO Kemosabe